St Rose Lima Catholic Church,  Denison Iowa

Celebrating our 145th Year! 

or 152 years since it started as a mission parish in 1867!

.St Rose Mass Times

916 2nd Ave. South      Denison Iowa 51442                (712) 263-2152

Mass of the Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (video)
(June 28 2020
Audio of Saturday Evening Mass (mp3)

Intentions for week of June 29-July 5:
Fr. Paul in Manning:
Monday         Otto and Hazel Rasmussen
Tuesday          Doug and Sheila Bornhoft
Wednesday    Leroy Venteicher and Donald Lampman
Thursday         Burns and Balukoff Families
Friday              Marilyn Schwarte and Ella Engel
Fr. Randy in Denison:
Tuesday       3:00 p.m. Bob and Helen Dieter (Note time Change!)
Wednesday  8:30 Bonnie Stoelk and John O'Conner
Thursday       8:30 Joseph Schmitz and Jolene Stork
Friday            8:30 Donald and Jeffery Eggers
Weekend Masses at Parish Church Sites:
Saturday        Denison       4:30 Don Kuehnhold and Heather Campbell
                        Manilla        6:00 Jerome and Mary Rauterkus
Sunday          Vail           8:00 Jim Thelen
                       Denison   TBA  Don and Germaine Staley and Owen and Grace Heese
                       Manning  TBA  Joe and Alice Stevens
                       Denison   TBA  All Parishioners
Mass Times will go back to Normal this weekend.
Saturday July 4th - 4:30 p.m. Denison
Sunday July 5th - 8:00 a.m. Vail
         9:30 a.m. Denison
9:30 a.m. Manning
11:00 a.m. Spanish

Remember to wear masks and follow social distancing at all liturgies. I will make announcements about the Mass itself and about the availability of churches for private prayer at this weekend's Masses.

Thank you to Petersen Manufacturing for the donation of a drop box at the south entrance to the church in Denison. You may put donations or other church correspondence in the drop box at any time. It will be checked every day.

Many thanks to Dale Von Tersch for his years of service as parish custodian. He will retire at the end of August. We will definitely miss him and will need to hire someone to that position. Please notify the office if you have any interest or questions.
We could also use someone to clean the parish house on a monthly basis, as well as some regular cleaning at the school. Please contact Fr. Schon if interested.

Mass of Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time
(June 20 2020)
mp3 audio file of the Mass

New Updated Mass Information - PLEASE READ
(click here)

Mass Intentions and Parish News

Weekend Masses will begin June 27 & 28th.

                        Mass times are: Sat: 4:30 pm English
                        Sunday 9:30 am English
                                        11:00 am Spanish   
                                      1:00 pm Spanish
All over the age of 2 must wear a face msk
while in the church building. Please do not
arrive until 10 minutes before Mass time.
Social distancing is required.                
Enter by South doors only.                   

Las misas de fin de semana comenzaran
27 y 28 de junio. Los horarios de las misas son:

                                 Sabados: 4;30 pm Ingles
                                  Dominggo 9:30 am Ingles
                                           11:00 am Espanol
                                             1:00 pm Espanol
     Todos los myores de 2 anos deben usar usar
      mascara facial mientras esten en el               
              edificio de la iglesia. Por favor no llegue               
                  hasta 10 minutos antes de la misa. Se                     
requiere distanciamiento social.            
Entrar solo por puertas del sur. 
Mass Intentions for week of June 22-28:
Fr. Paul in Manning:
Monday            Ray Thielen and Maurine Forke
Tuesday            Raymond and Florita Sibbel
Wednesday      Deceased Members of the Forke Family
Thursday           Ray Irlbeck and Gene Case
Friday               Mary Ann Renze and Lucille Ranniger
Fr. Randy In Denison:
Tuesday       8:30 Paul and Delores Veit
Wednesday 8:30 Norman and Marlene Thelen
Thursday      8:30 Francis and Ellen Lawler
Friday           8:30 Jean Schierbrock and Cecelia Neppl
Weekend Masses at our churches:
Saturday         Denison   4:30 Don and Jeff Eggers, Tom Gorman and Vincent and Anita Trudeau,
                                                       Ken and Colette Huntley 50th wedding anniversary
                         Manilla   6:30 Delores Zeman
Sunday     Vail      8 a.m.  Ken and Colette Huntley 50th wedding anniversary,  Eddie and Mark Frazier
                    Denison  9:30 (English) John and Regina Lally
                                    11 a.m. (Spanish) Bernard and Corky Smyth
                                      1 p.m. (Spanish) All Parishioners
                     Manning    11:30 Ron Hodne

Happy Anniversary!

St. Ann parishioners Ken & Collette Huntley are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on June 27th. They were married at St. Ann's on June 27, 1970.

Note that these Mass times are for next weekend only. We will see how things go next weekend before setting times for the following weekend.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. Remember not to enter more than ten minutes before Mass time, to wear a mask, to sign in

when arriving, and to sit in the appropriately marked seats. Families that live together may sit together. Anyone not living with others must

 maintain six feet of space between people. Sanitizer will be at the entrances to church. Please use only the marked entrances at each

 location. Collection baskets will be placed in the back of church for your envelopes as you enter or leave.

The annual Peter's Pence collection is this weekend. There is an envelope in your packets. Money is used to help the pope's efforts to help people in need around the world.

Thanks to those who used online giving during the shutdown.If y ou did this through the diocese, this service will no longer be available after this week. Talk to our office if you want to continue online giving here.

Mass will also be said in Manilla on June 27th at 6:30 pm and on June 28th in Vail at 8:00 am and in Manning at 11:30 following Mass in Denison at 9:30. 
Further details regarding ushers, Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers will be posted as information is available.  Everyone will need to follow the precautions as stated in the attachment but the reference to using the south doors is for St. Rose only.

Corpus Christi Sunday video
June 13 2020
Don't Leave Mass Early - Important Announcements at End!

MP3 audio of Saturday evening Mass

Mass Intentions and Parish News

This week the church in Manning will be open for two hours on two days for private prayer. Anyone entering must wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines.  Next week the church in Denison will be open for two hours on two days with the same procedures. If there is not an increase in new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in the next two weeks. we may return to weekend Mass on June 27-28. There will be strict practices in place that I will discuss during announcements at this Sunday's Mass, including the wearing of a mask and spacing in the church. More information will be coming in the next week. Thank you for your prayers and patience.

Mass of The Most Holy Trinity
(June 6 2020)
Audio of the Saturday evening Mass -.mp3

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Greetings from the Diocese of Sioux City!

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Churches may open for private prayer
Bishop Nickless announced that pastors have the option to open some church for private prayer as of June 15 under restrictions.

For the full list of restrictions regarding these limited diocesan church openings in English and Spanish, click here. 


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