St Rose Lima Catholic Church,  Denison Iowa

Celebrating our 145th Year! 

or 152 years since it started as a mission parish in 1867!

.St Rose Mass Times

916 2nd Ave. South      Denison Iowa 51442                (712) 263-2152

Mass of April 5, 2020

Mass for March 29, 2020
(The Fifth Sunday of Lent)

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Click here  to donate (a one-time gift  or recurring) to St. Rose of Lima, Manning Sacred Heart or St. Ann in Vail.  You will need to scroll down after clicking on the link to find the correct parish.  If you have any questions please call 712-263-2152 and Lynn will try to help.   This link accepts credit cards and E-checks with 100% going to the parish.  You may still mail or deliver your weekly offering to the Church.  Thank you for supporting your church during this difficult time. 
Parish News for Weekend of March 29, 2020
(Daily Mass Intentions are listed below)

We are sending you this email to get the word out that online Mass is available!  If you have friends and family that do not have an email, or who did not have their pictures taken for the directory (which is how we have your email), please tell them about this email or forward it to them.  Thank you!!

Fr. Schon’s Sunday Mass at St. Rose will be broadcast at 9:30 on Sunday mornings on the St. Rose website

There is also information on the website for weekday Mass times (which Fr. Schon streams live on the St. Rose of Lima Facebook page) and Mass intentions.

The Sunday Mass will be televised for Denison residents who get Channel 13 at 1:00 pm and will also be broadcast on KDSN Radio at 11:30 am.

Fr. Paul’s Sunday Mass at Sacred Heart in Manning will be broadcast at 9:30 on Sunday mornings on Manning’s local channel 2 and at the two Manning nursing homes at 9:30 also.

For those wanting to make their weekly contributions online, please go to the St. Rose website  and follow the directions.  Or  you can click on this link: .   You will need to scroll down through the list to find the correct church for your donation.   This link accepts credit card and E-checks and any fees associated with online giving through this link are funded by  the diocese, so we will receive 100% of the contributions. 


If you would prefer to mail your check, you are welcome to do so and if you would like to set up an auto withdrawal from your bank account, please call Lynn @ 712-263-2152 for more information.


St. Rose of Lima Church

916 Second Ave South

PO Box 280

Denison, Iowa  51442



Sunday Morning March 22 St Rose of Lima Mass Video

(Fourth Sunday of Lent)

Messages and Information from Fr. Schon

Fr. Paul and I will be doing private Masses for the forseeable future

Sunday Mass will continue to be available on channel 13 in Denison and on channel 2 in Manning as well as on the St. Rose of Lima website with the weekly bulletins.
Fr. Schon's weekday Mass can be viewed on the St. Rose facebook page and on the Catholic Wolves Fellowship and News facebook page.

Mass Intentions

For the week of March 30 - April  5th
Fr. Nguyen in Manning:

Monday-Bill Muhlbauer
Tuesday-Jerome and Mary Rauterkus
Wednesday-Fr. Robert Gralapp
Thursday-Joe and Alice Stevens
Friday-Otto Rasmussen
Sunday 9:30-All Parishioners

Fr. Schon in Denison:

Monday 8:30- Eddie and Mark Frazier
Tuesday 8:30-Joe Kral
Wednesday 8:30- Don Kuehnhold and Heather Campbell and Richard Brodersen
Thursday 8:30- Francis and Ellen Lawler
Friday 8:30- Bill Crane
Saturday 8:30- Deceased sisters, brother, and in-laws of JoAnn Kuehnhold
Sunday 9:30- Greg Sibbel and Flora Sibbel and Don and Jeffery Eggers

How to Recite the Rosary

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Weekend Masses for the public are suspended until further notice

 Weekend Mass Schedule 
                                 4:30 p.m.   Denison              6:00 p.m. Manilla

                   8:00 a.m.    Vail                    9:30 a.m.  Denison                        9:30 a.m. Manning      11:00 a.m. Denison (Spanish)

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April 2020